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Funding Campaign Live on Indiegogo


This is why we’re on indiegogo.com

We are three coffee-passionate people who are committed to contributing to the prosperous future of Nicaragua. David Adler has been visiting Nicaragua for 10 years, principally working on coffee projects. One of his happiest accomplishments was saving the women of Finca Magdalena from the comal by introducing a drum roaster. Roberto Mairena was born and raised on Ometepe and lives with his family in Balgüe. He became director of Proyecto Mano Amiga in 2009, and has developed the center through innovative partnerships and popular classes and workshops, despite the uncertain nature of funding from friends abroad. David Mitchell and his wife Lisa share their time between Bainbridge and Ometepe. David brings long experience in small business, customer service and IT plus a deep appreciation of the miracle of Ometepe’s coffee.

Tostadores de Ometepe is an exciting project because economic development is the path to self-sufficiency and contributes to the progress of a developing country like Nicaragua. Our one-time campaign is thoughtfully designed to successfully launch this Nicaraguan business. The funding we are seeking includes start-up capital and most of the first year’s operating expenses. This bootstrap funding is a bridge to second-year profitability.

Leveraging the value of first world financial support with the lower costs of establishing a roasting facility in Nicaragua will lead to profitability in the second year and long term sustainability and growth.